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05 - 06 November, 2019 | London, United Kingdom

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Solve The Challenges Of Launching And Maintaining Early And Managed Access Programmes, Navigate The Complex Regulatory Landscape And Hear The Patient’s Voice!Join us 22nd - 24th October 2018, where industry leaders from Janssen, 

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Leveraging Real World Data From Early Access Programmes

One of the key benefits of Early Access Programmes is that they allow companies to collect real world data from patients within the programme, which can help inform a product’s effectiveness and value proposition. With insights from Tom Watson, Executive Vice President, Early Access Progra ...

Five Key Considerations for Early Access Programmes

Embarking on an Early Access Programme is challenging due to a number of factors, including navigating the complex regulatory landscape and the modality of providing access to patients. Ahead of her participation in the upcoming Early and Managed Access Programmes Forum, we spoke exclusively to A ...

Top 6 Factors To Consider In Your Forecasting Strategy

Pharmaceutical specialists, Dr. Carlos R. Camozzi and Ramana Sonty spoke to Pharma IQ in regards to the top 6 factors to consider in an early access programme planning strategy.

Five minutes with Vee Mapunde on: the growing influence of patient advocacy groups in Early Access Programmes

We had a chat with Vee Mapunde, Associate Consumer Lead at the National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) on the role of patient advocacy groups in the Early Access Prorammes landscape, their missions and the tools they have to fulfill them, ahead of the Early and Managed Access Programmes confere ...

Three tips to ensure an ethical and sustainable Early Access Programme

Early and Managed Access Programmes can prolong the life of patients who have a life-threatening illness or a chronic or rare condition, by providing them access to investigational drugs. Their investigative nature does mean that ethical challenges often arise during their process. With this in m ...