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The Global Pharmaceutical Industry's Leading Forum for Guidance and Insight into the Complex Landscape of Early and Managed Access Programmes

The Pharmaceutical Industry continues to turn to Early and Managed Access Programmes (EMAPs) as the front line in fighting rare diseases and epidemic outbreaks. In many cases, critical patient or environmental conditions means that any delay in access can be fatal.

The Early and Managed Access Programmes Forum - The World's First and most Prestigious EMAP event - returns in October 2017, where industry leaders from Janssen, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Novartis, Incyte and Onconova will combine with Patient Advocacy Groups and Regulatory Experts from across Europe and the US, to address challenges at the heart of this vital field.

Patient demand for medication is only rising, with more Ophan and Rare diseases, and more pressure on the Pharmaceutical Industry to deliver patient treatments. There has never been a more important time to ensure that you understand the risks and challenges associated with Early or Managed Access Programs and are prepared for the ethical and regulatory pressures that come with these front-line medical developments and access programs.

The perfect environment to engage with Industry experts who have launched, managed and terminated EMAPs, this year’s event will see 20+ Industry Expert Speakers ready to help your team feel confident in addressing the regulatory, ethical and management aspects of your E/MAP and ensure you feel secure in your next steps.

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